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Illustrator: Cannot create a Live Paint Group

Illustrator LivePaint ClippingMask.png

If you try to create a Live Paint Group on objects that have a clipping mask, you'll get an error that tells you it is not possible to create a Live Paint Group.

You have to remove any clipping mask. To do that, select the object(s) and choose Object » Clipping Mask » Release.

Photoshop / Illustrator 'freezes' when Saving file

There are a few possible causes/solutions:

  1. You've selected a network or offline printer as you default printer
  2. Adobe Version Cue causes problems
  3. The Open- or Save Dialog window appears off-screen


Go to the overview of your installed printers in Windows. Make sure you select a local printer as the default printer, eg: Adobe PDF.

Dialog appears off-screen

Refer to Adobe Knowledgbase Article #403268.

Version Cue

Go to Edit > Preferences > File Handling

Uncheck Enable Version Cue

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