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Rendering multiple cameras using slicing

When using image slicing, you cannot render multiple camera's in one job. There are two possibilities:

  1. You can drop using slicing and render each frame in one go.
  2. You can create multiple jobs

Skip slicing:

The biggest drawback is that the will be no rendering done in parallel. The job consists of a single frame being rendered from multiple camera's. The renderfarm will treat this a a single 'chunk', so there will be only one server processing it.

Multiple jobs:

As you have to submit this as multiple jobs, you obviously have to create multiple scene files. The cleanest way is to export each camera to a separate file and reference the scene-file with your 3D-model (w/o the renderable cameras) in each scene with a camera. You could also create multiple copies of your scene file and make a different camera renderable in each copy. This will obviously create a lot of redundant data and could take up quite some storage space.

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