Setting up VR with Steam

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Setting up VR with Steam


Using SteamVR allows you to connect your virtual reality hardware to your computer. The SteamVR software produced by Valve (Steam) is available for free in their store if you download the Steam client and create an account. You can do this at:

After you connected your VR headset, controller and receiver you can use other software to view your generated VR model or program.

Supported VR hardware

Most common VR headsets are supported by Steam, however if you want to be sure go to: and check the VR support Headset list.

Setting up VR

Image 1: Main menu of the steam VR software
  • Step 1: Attach the VR system to the computer. Make sure all cables are connected and the receiver boxes are turned on.
  • Step 2: Open Steam and select ‘Steam VR’. Shake the VR headset to wake it up.
- Click on the setting button (see image 1, button highlighted in orange) and go to: Devices > Pair controller. Follow the interactive manual and pair your controllers.
- Make sure SteamVR confirms that the headset, controller and receivers are turned on and connected (Coloured images instead of grey image as in the image above). The device is now ready to use.
  • Step 3: Run the 'Room Setup' to generate your VR environment in your room and run the 'Tutorial' to get more familiar with the SteamVR software.

Viewing your model (or program) in VR

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