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Materials that determine the look of objects in you model are called shaders in Maya. Shaders are managed and created in the Hypershade.

You can access the Hypershade through: Window » Rendering Editors » Hypershade or by pressing the Hypershade button at the top of the screen.


The Hypershade has the following components:

Menu- and Toolbar Menu's and buttons for frequently used functions Library Overview of all the shaders that are present in your scene. Note that there are tabs for other types of shaders, besides materials, as well. Create Bar Overview of all types of shaders that are available. When you click an item, a shader of that type is created. It will show up in the Work Area, but also in your library Work Area Shaders may be linked to create advanced shader networks. This is done here.


You can navigate in the Library and Work Area using the same navigation as in the Maya viewport: Alt + MMB to pan, Alt + RMB to zoom.

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