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Dimensions indicate the measurement of the plans, cross-sections, et cetera you have created. This tutorial will explain how to remove the built-in dimension style in Autodesk Map 3D and how to create your own dimension style and use it in other drawings.

Remove the built-in style

Before creating your own dimension style, remove the style override created by Autodesk Map 3D. Open the Dimension Style Manager. In the menu go to Format > Dimension Style... or Dimension > Dimension Style....

Dimstylemanager override.gif

Right-click with your mouse on <style overrides> and select delete.

Check also if you have the units and precision set right. In the menu go to Format > Units.... The drawing units should always be millimeters and precision 0.

Creating a dimension style

You can create your new style based on the current style or just modify the existing style. If you choose to create a new dimension style give your style a name.

For more details on the setting of Dimension Styles, refer to AutoCAD Dimensions.

Importing dimension styles

You can use your own dimension style in other drawings. Open a new drawing and create your own dimension style. Save your drawing without anything drawn. Open the drawing in which you want to import your own dimension style. In the menu go to Insert > Block...

Insert mydimstyle.gif

Click on the Browse... button and open the drawing with your own dimension style. Set all other settings as shown in the picture above. When you open the Dimension Style Manager via Format > Dimension Style... or Dimension > Dimension Style... you will see the name of your own created dimension style in the list with Styles.

Dimstylemanager mydimstyle.gif

Drawing dimensions

Normally you start drawing in modelspace, the Model tab, but dimensions should be drawn in paperspace, also called a layout.

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