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A list of courses that are covered in the TOI-Pedia:

Computer Aided Design Code: BK2OV2-2018-19 Semester: 2D and 3D Digital information: 3D modeling in Rhino and 2D technical drawings. {{{7}}}

Computer Aided Design website

Performative Design Code: BK30V3 19 20 Semester: 3rd Bachelor Performance based design with Rhino, Revit and Flow Design.

19 20 Performative Design website

Design and Engineering Code: BK2ON2 Semester: 2nd Bachelor Design process support and design documentation.

Design and Engineering website

Stad en Openbare Ruimte Code: BK3ON3 Semester: 2nd Bachelor Design process support and design documentation.

Stad en Openbare Ruimte website

BIM Code: BK4ON4 Semester: 4th Bachelor Integration of information: analyses, working in teams, architectural visualization.

BIM website

CAD Code: AR1AE015 Semester: 1st Master (BT) Digital Design and Rapid Prototyping.

CAD website

Beyond 3D visualization Code: AR0771 Semester: Master Elective Create one striking A1 poster, mixing various 3D and 2D techniques. The result is a well balanced, interesting poster that keeps you looking for more than 30 seconds.

Beyond 3D visualization website

MEGA Code: AR0026 Semester: Master MEGA is a collaborative integral multi-disciplinary design of a special big and/or tall building. This could be a multi functional skyscraper or a multi functional building with a large span, such as a stadium, a sports facility, a museum, an airport or transport hub.

MEGA website

Digital Presentation Portfolio Code: AR0051 Semester: Master Elective Create an online portfolio to present yourself and your work. Introduction into various web-techniques and research what a portfolio should and shouldn't be.

Digital Presentation Portfolio website

Berlage Postgraduate Code: - Semester: Postgraduate Modeling in Rhino, basic visualization and presentation

Berlage Postgraduate website

CityEngine scripting and application Code: - Semester: Elective GIS, Geographic Information System, CityEngine

CityEngine scripting and application website


Analysis Digital Manufacturing Simulation
Solar analysis in Revit

Solar analysis in Revit
Code: none
Semester: Bachelor and Master

3D printing

Code: none
Semester: Bachelor and Master

Rhino works

Code: none
Semester: Master

Daylight analysis in Revit

Daylight analysis in Revit
Code: none
Semester: Bachelor and Master


Code: none
Semester: Bachelor and Master

Wind analysis

Wind analysis in Flow Design
Code: none
Semester: Bachelor and Master


Code: none
Semester: Bachelor and Master

Old curriculum

For reference use, we provide access to the information of courses that are no longer available in the current curriculum.

  • BK2070 2009-2010: 3D modeling in Maya (Polygons, NURBS, Animation) and AutoCAD
  • BK2070 2012-2013: 3D modeling and building documentation in Revit
  • BK3070 2010-2011: Materials, Textures and Rendering in Maya
  • BK3070 2012-2013: Grasshopper in Rhino
  • BK4070 2009-2011: Conceptual visualization, Grasshopper, Interior rendering
  • BK4070 2011-2013: Data-exchange, working in teams, architectural visualization
  • Imagination - Minor in character animation using Maya, digital set building, compositing, movie editing and movie effects.
  • The Why Factory - Supporting courses for the masters 1 and 3 of the why factory. Topics covered include basic visualization and scripting & programming
  • AR1B030 - CAD 1
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