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This page is the landing-page in the TOI-Pedia for students that take the BK2OV2 course during the 2020-2021 spring semester. Also look under Rhino in the 'by Software folder' to find extra information that may be useful.

Week 1

Theme: Introduction in 2D drawing in the computer

Mandatory Course Material

A very small tutorial to get started with Rhino:

Week 2

Theme: Drawing Aids

Mandatory Course Material

Week 3

Theme: Creating a correct 2D technical drawing in the computer

Mandatory Course Material

Reference Material Website with rules regarding technical drawings:


Week 6

Theme: Introduction in 3D modeling in the computer

Mandatory Course Material

Optional: Indesign Refresher

Week 7

Theme: Introduction in parametric digital design

Optional Course Material

Week 8

Theme: Parametric digital design continued

Optional Course Material

Week 9

Theme: Presentation and visualization

Optional Course Material

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