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Enscape Introduction

Enscape is a realtime render engine for Rhino, Revit and Sketchup. The development of realtime rendering is aligned with the fast development of graphic cards. It uses partially the graphics card to render the scene instead of only the CPU. This allows for very fast rendering of the virtual space you are working in. In essence your viewport becomes your virtual space to explore. Design alterations can immediately checked at eye level at a high level of realism. This enhanced visual feedback allows for better design decisions related to spatial composition in the earliest stages of the design process. This merger of a VR environment with the virtual design environment shall become more common as the development of the software and the hardware continues.


Enscape in Rhino

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If you have installed the software, icons will appear in Rhino which allow you to use the Enscape plugin. There are two tabs with icons. One is related to the use of enscape and the other one focuses on the various outputs which Enscape supports.


The first Icon will open the VR viewport. The navigation is self explanatory. One tip , by tapping the space bar you can switch easily between walking and flying through your scene.


It is possible to update your VR viewport in realtime. That means that object which you create in Rhino will appear at the same time in the Enscape view. This option is especially effective with the use of two screens.


Normally Enscape will use its own camera position. However if you want to copy the camera position in Rhino you can use the view synchronization option in Enscape. This will override the camera position in Enscape.

Enscape favorite camera.jpg

It is possible to use the stored camera positions in Rhino to transfer to Enscape. This is especially useful if you want to compare before and after an intervention in your design.

Enscape properties.jpg

The properties menu will give you access to the render options of the Enscape viewport. The default settings will provide a good image. Feel free to adjust the settings. If the result is is worse just reset the settings.

Of the first tab these are the most used functions.

Capturing Enscape

The second tab gives access to a variety of options on how to capture the Enscape data. There are several interesting options, of making a video of you moving through your design, making a panorama or to generate an image you can use for google cardboard.

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