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1 Intro


Computational Design in building design addresses the application of information, communication and knowledge technologies for the entire breadth of the architectural design domain. This ranges from the conceptual design to the construction, operation during use and even demolishing or disassembling of buildings. In the course AR0139 MEGA, the design process focuses on the early phases of design (conceptual and development design phases). Therefore, in MEGA the computational design focuses on these phases too. The design decisions taken during these early phases are crucial; because they have an enormous impact on the final building performance (how well the building will meet the requirements). Design changes for corrections in later phases often imply major increase in time and costs. Therefore, choosing the desirable design direction during the early design phases is essential; but also challenging as it means to combine and integrate technical (digital tools) and social (team communication) questions in the same time.

2 Context. Online support for DATA

Assignment MEGA Data

  • Discuss within your group which datasets might be relevant
  • Explore the data sets (individually or team up with your colleagues)
  • Explore if there are other data sets available which might be relevant
  • Decide which data to use


2D map of the Netherlands

PDOK datasets

PDOK is a website with a wide range of datasets. It is also the portal for the BGT which is a standardized map of the Netherlands


InfraCAD plugin for reading gml files

InfraCad provides a free plugin for students for importing GML data into AutoCad. From there the map can be saved as a DWG file and imported into Rhino or Revit

Video: Using InfraCad in AutoCad

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Rotterdam3D 3D model of Rotterdam

The 3DRotterdam website allows you to download a 3D model of a selection of Rotterdam. The files can be exported in various formats and imported in Rhino or Revit.

Video: Using 3D rotterdam

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The software from Geomatics allows you to combine 3D datasets with 3D scan data. Because not all locations are available in 3D models you can construct them with this software.


Heightmap Netherlands AHN

The AHN website contains a full 3D scan of the Netherlands with a resolution of 25 cm.


3. 3D modelling and visualization

Introduction to Rhino and Grasshopper

Refreshing Course Material

Introduction into Rhino modelling.

Introduction into Grasshopper.

---Material related to the Digital Sketch workshop---


Instruction video 3D printing software

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Making high quality models for VR

There are some techniques which allows you to generate relatively easy high quality models for VR. As mentioned in the lecture these models are highly effective in providing a good visual urban context for your design. While building it, you get a good insight of the surrounding area of your building. Because there are quite a few buildings at the location, it might be a good idea to distribute the modeling of the buildings between the members of the group or groups, if you want to apply it. It is not mandatory to use this technique, it is however a powerful tool in creating high fidelity environment in support of your design process.

Video: making high quality VR models

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4 BIM models


5 Collaborative Workflows


6 Performance simulations


Using Ladybug to visualize the EPW data


7 Optimization and Computational Design Exploration


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