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Ladybug is an analysis tool which is used in Grasshopper. It allows you to extract EnergyPlus Weatherdata from a wide range of locations. The data can be related to temperature, wind, humidity etc. Ladybug will enable you to get a good insight into the weather conditions throughout the year at your building location. The tool is used in the early stages of design so the weather data can be taken into account in the design decisions.

TU Delft always tries to keep installation manuals up-to-date. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If this tutorial, for any reason, does not follow the available steps in your situation, take a look at the installation manual of Ladybug.

Dowloading the plugin

@HOK website

You need to download several files for which you need an Food4Rhino account. This account can be made with an e-mail address and a password. Don't use your NetID password.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Rhino installed. If not go to @Hok website and follow the instructions on how to install Rhino.

Food4Rhino register

Download Ladybug
  • Download the latest version of the Ladybug toolset

This download file will also contain the Honeybee plugin and the Dragonfly plugin. Honeybee and Dragonfly are more advanced tools which needs additional software programs to run. If you would like to download this additional software, take a look at the Ladybug Github page.

Installing Ladybug

Find the ZIP-file in your explorer
  • Find the downloaded ZIP-file in your explorer

Extract the ZIP-file
  • Extract the ZIP-file by right-clicking on the ZIP-file and clicking on "Extract All..."
  • Open Rhino and Grasshopper

LMB drag the .gh to the canvas
  • LMB drag the file from the ZIP-file onto the Grasshopper canvas

Double-click on the first boolean toggle
  • Double-click on the first "False" toggle and set it to True

The component will now take a while to download and install necessary files.

Double-click on the second boolean toggle
  • When the output panel states it is finished, double click on the second "False" toggle and set it to True

The component will now add the installation files to the correct directory.

Ladybug is now added to your toolbar
  • Restart Rhino and Grasshopper

The Ladybug, Honeybee and Dragonfly tab should now be added to your toolbar. If you are using Rhino 6, you may have to take some extra steps. Take a look at the installation manual of Ladybug to find out what you need to do.

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