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What is Karamba3D?

Karamba3D is a Grasshopper embedded tool that provides structural analysis using the Finite Element Method Analysis (FEA). FEA is widely used in engineering to solve problems by dividing a large system to smaller parts, called finite elements.

Karamba3D, along with a set of grasshopper’s parametric tools, can be easily used by both engineers and designers for fast and easy structural optimization.


Karamba toolbar and license

You can download Karamba3D here: Karamba3D

Karamba3D 2.2.0 requires Rhino 6.0 or Rhino 7.0. For Tutorials 1,2,3 you can use the trial version. You can also install the full trial version for 1 month which has a limit of 20 beams and 50 shells. Please note that during the installation you must specify whether you want to use Imperial or SI units.

If you have successfully installed Karamba3D you will be able to see a tab with full Karamba's features in Grasshopper. The license battery on the left allows you to see if you have an active license by simply connecting a panel.

Students from TU Delft can use the full version of Karamba3D that is provided by @Hok Student ICT Support: @Hok Installation Guides.The manual for Rhino 6 also works in the case of Rhino 7


Karamba3D runs with both SI and Imperial Units. For the SI units the tested geometry has to be in meters.


To get started with Karamba3D you can continue continue with the following tutorials.

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