AutoCAD Drawing insulation

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There are two main methods for quickly drawing isolation in AutoCAD.

Using Polar

The first and most straight forward way would be to drawing the isolation with the aid of polar.

Because isolation is drawn at an angle of 30 degrees we need to change the polar settings. So right-click on polar -> settings:

Polar settings.jpg

Now change te incremental angle to 30:

Polor angle 30.jpg

If you now draw in modelspace, the polar snaps to an angle of 30 degrees:

Iso polar.jpg

The polar method can be a bit time consuming for large drawings.

Using Linetype

In some cases the use of a zigzag line type would be more suited:

For example: let's say that we want to draw isolation in this 'L' shape:

Iso empty.jpg

First draw a line through the center of the shape:

Iso line.jpg

Now select the line and go to other in the linetype dropdown box:

Iso other.jpg

If the ZIGZAG line type isn't present in the list, press load:

Iso load.jpg

In the load window, select the ZIGZAG line type and pres 'Ok'

Iso zigzag.jpg

The ZIGZAG line type is now visible in the linetype mangager, so select it and press 'OK'

Iso zigzag select.jpg

The line will now look something like this:

Iso to big.jpg

Iso correct.jpg

Polar settings.jpg

Polor angle 30.jpg

Iso polar.jpg

Pattern net3.jpg

Iso hatch to big.jpg

Iso hatch allignment.jpg

Iso hatch corner.jpg

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