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AutoCAD has measure/inquiry tools that can provide useful information on the objects in your drawing, such as: length, area, circumference, etc

Inquiry Toolbar

The measure tools can be accessed by opening the Inquiry toolbar: right click on an unused part off the toolbar > ACAD > Inquiry:

Inquiry select.jpg

The Inquiry toolbar will appear:


  • Distance.jpg Distance (di)

The distance tool works in the same way as the line tool: select a start point and an endpoint, AutoCAD now displays the distance in the command bar

  • Area.jpg Area (area)

As the name suggests, the Area measures the size of an area.

With the area tool selected, you can either select a region by clicking on separate points, or by selecting an object to measure its area.

To measure the area, type area, and then type 'o' for object selection. You can now select an object.

To measure multiply objects or regions, select Add in the command bar after selecting the area tool:

Area command bar.jpg

Now select the objects.

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