BK3OV3 leerstof opgave w3

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BK3OV3 leerstof opgave week 3

Leerstof opgave week 3

Deze opgave heeft tot doel snel je kennis te checken van het geleerde materiaal.

Voor deze simpele opgave maken we 3D geometrie d.m.v de 4 methoden uitgelegd in de leerstof.

  • Extrude
  • Sweep one-rail
  • Loft
  • Planar curves

Je mag zelf de vormen bedenken. Hou het simpel!

Lever je Rhino file in via de website. We beoordelen het file of het de vormen met de 4 verschillende technieken zijn gemaakt. Dus hou het simpel.

Rhino leerstof opgave 2.jpg

Als je het online lesmateriaal hebt doorgenomen ben je onderstaande uitleg tegen gekomen.

Rhino surface from curves.jpg

Once you have the curves you can start generating the surfaces. Although you can make almost any kind of shape and create extremely complex designs the technique of generating this complexity is quite simple. This has to do with the fact that there are no more than 4 main techniques of generating shapes from curves. If you know these four techniques you can build almost anything.

  • The first option is the extrusion of a curve. This can be a closed curve like the example or an open curve. The form freedom which you have with this option is limited to the shape of the curve and the height of the extrusion.
  • The sweep 1 rail increase the form freedom because the direction of the extrusion can be varied. This gives you more possibilities to alter the final outcome of the shape than the straight extrusion. The shape can have different sections.
  • The loft is in this set one of the most powerful modelling options. You not only can change the section over the height of the shape but also the location of the sections. This option can generate very simple complex shapes.
  • The last option is the simplest. It will generate a surface on the inside of a closed flat curve

Rhino menu surfaces1.png

Although there are additional options available for generating surfaces, they are all related to these 4 principle options. All commands to create surfaces can be found under Surface

Surface > Extrude Curve

Rhino extrudecurve eg.png

Creates an extrusion of a curve profile. There are several options available which gives you a bit more choice in complexity of the generated geometry. The option of extruding along a curve differs from the Sweep 1 rail because the section does not align with the curve generating a non-continuous section. There are four ways in Rhino to create an extrusion:

  • Straight
  • Along Curve
  • To Point
  • Tapered

Surface > Sweep 1 Rail

Rhino sweep1rail eg.png

Creates a surface through at least one profile curve and defined by a single curve.

Surface > Loft

Rhino loft.jpg

Creates a surface between two or more selected curves. If you select the curves one by one, then the loft will folow the selected order. If you select the curves via a selection window, Rhino will use the most 'logical' order.

Rhino loft dialog.png

If you choose other options, click on preview to see what happens. Click on help for more information about the different options.

Surface > Planar Curve

Rhino planarcurves eg.png

Creates a planar surface from a planar curves. Curves are allowed to overlap but should always be closed to define the edge of the surface

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