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Week 4 assignment.

There are small assignments 1n weeks 1 to 4 which have to be handed in before the start of the workshops. Please check the TOI website for the deadline. Make sure you hand in the assignment on time.

Handing in assignment 1 of 2

  • Make a cube in Rhino
  • Open Grasshopper and connect the cube to a Brep node.
  • Use the Move node in Grasshopper to move the cube
  • Make 3 curves in Rhino in the same file
  • Open Grasshopper and connect each of the curves to a curve node in Grasshopper.
  • Make a loft in Grasshopper by using the Loft node.
  • Now move one of the curves with a Move node in Grasshopper to adjust the lofted surface
  • Save an image of the result and upload the image to Infobase

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