BK4ON4 Using mass to create floors

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Using the Mass to create Floors

In this section we'll use the mass to create floors.

Click Mass floors'
Apply Mass floors to levels'
Result Mass floors'
Massing&Site tab, Click Floor'
Select multiple Mass Floor levels'
Result Mass floors'

Step 1:

  • Select the Mass
  • On the Modify|Mass tab Click Mass floors
  • Select the Levels where to place floors. Now thin floor levels are created. Note that in the properties the gross floor area has been given.

Step 2:

  • On the Massing&Site tab, Click Floor
  • Select multiple Mass Floor levels with LMB (Left mouse button).
  • On the Modify|Place floor by Face, Click Create Floors. Now the floors (families) are created.

Change visibility Mass

Visibility/Graphics tab'
Deselect Mass'

To change the visibility of the model go to the View tab and Click Visibility/Graphics. Here you can change the visibility settings to hide or show hidden mass objects.

  • Go to the Model Categories tab in the Visibility/Graphics Window
  • Go to Mass and deselect mass to hide mass objects. Now mass objects will be hidden in the 3D view. Only the Floors or Walls will be visible
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