Basic mass form elements

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Mass sweep 1.jpg
Mass sweep 2.jpg
Mass sweep 3.jpg

With a sweep you draw a certain profile across a specific path.

Steps to create a sweep

  1. Draw the path you want to sweep the profile on.# Set the work plane perpendicular to the sweep.
  2. Draw on this work plane the desired profile. (the blue plane in the picture below)
  3. Select both the profile and the path and click on the create form button.
  4. Now you create the sweep.


Mass revolve 1.jpg
Mass revolve 2.jpg
Mass revolve 3.jpg

With a revolve you rotate a shape or profile around a line. steps to create a revolve

  1. Draw the axle of the revolve
  2. Draw the line/shape you want to revolve around the axle, make sure that both the axle and the shape/profile are drawn on the same work plane else Vasari don’t recognize it as a revolve.
  3. Select both the line/profile/shape and the axle and hit the create form button.
  4. Now you create a revolve


Extrusion 1.jpg
Extrusion 2.jpg

A extrusion is the most seen geometry. With a extrusion you can extrude a simple 2d in a 3d shape.

steps to create an extrusion

  1. Draw lines with a closed loop.
  2. Select these lines and click on create form button. Or if Vasari automatically makes a plane, select this (white) plane and set the extrusion start and end (or use the blue arrows).
  3. Now you have two options one is to create an extrusion with the other you create a plane.
  4. Set the extrusion start and end to get the right thickness.
  5. Now you create an extrusion.

swept blend

Swept blend 1.jpg
Swept blend 2.jpg
Swept blend 3.jpg

With a swept blend you can create geometry according some profiles and a path, Vasari automatically creates the shape between the different profiles. You also can make this geometry without the profile but then you have less control.)

Steps to create a swept blend

  1. Draw a path.
  1. Set reference points on this path where you want to set a profile.
  2. For each profile: first set the work plane on the reference point perpendicular to the path. Draw on this plane de desired profile.
  3. Select all profiles and the path and hit the create form button.
  4. Now you have drawn your swept blend. (keep in mind that you always can edit the different profiles if you didn’t like the shape.
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