Curve Regions

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In the Grasshopper building geometry can be quite similar to Rhino, with the exception that you will have to define every step in the building process. This makes it a bit more complex, but also very powerful. Curve regions is an option which is similar to curve boolean operations or curve cutting in Rhino. It allows you to combine multiple curves in a single curve. This can be quite helpful in creating complex curves within Grasshopper.

Curve Regions

Rhino curve sections.jpg

The option of Curve Sections uses a boolean operation. It can use:

  • Subtract - Subtracts one shape of another
  • Union - Combines two shapes together into one shape
  • Intersect - Defines the overlapping part of two shapes

Rhino curve sections difference.jpg
Rhino curve sections difference1.jpg

To subtract curves Intersect » Shape » Region Difference

Rhino curve sections intersect.jpg
Rhino curve sections intersect1.jpg

To find the difference of two curves Intersect » Shape » Region Intersect

Rhino curve sections union.jpg
Rhino curve sections union1.jpg

To union curves Intersect » Shape » Region Union

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