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Surfaces > Extrude creates a surface from a profile curve. There are three main methods:

extrudes a profile curve in a specified direction over a specified distance.
extrudes a profile along a path curve, maintaining the profile's original orientation
extrudes a profile along a path curve, orienting the profile to the path curve

Selection for Distance: all selected curves are extruded with the specified settings.

Selection for Flat and Tube: the profile curve is selected first, the path last. If more than two curves are selected, all curves but the last are extruded along the last selected curve.

If you want to extrude a single profile along multiple paths, use our TOI multiExtrude script

Problem solving

Problems that can occur when using extrudes could be:

  • Selection order

Extrude mayhem.jpg

When your Tube extrude yields unexpected results, make sure you select the objects in the correct order.

Solution: Select the profile curve first and (shift-)select the path curve secondly.

  • Pivot point

Extrude pivot.jpg

When the resulting surface isn't positioned on your path, but seems to be offset, the pivot point of your profile is probably somewhere outside your profile curve.

Solution: position the pivot of your profile on the desired location. You could use Modify > Center pivot.

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