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Surfaces > loft creates a surface between two or more curves. It creates a surface from curve to curve in order of the selected curves.

Loft 1.jpg

More information and problem solving on the loft command.

Problem solving

Several problems can occur with lofts.

  • Flipped surface

Reversed loft.jpg

When your loft is 'flipped' like in the image above, there's probably a problem with the direction of one of the curves (or isoparms) of you loft. A loft connects the start of the first line with the start of the second line and so on to create the surface. If one of the curves is reversed, a problem may occur. Maya tries to auto reverse any curve or surface however, so in many cases you won't notice one of the curves was actually reversed.

Solution: Reverse on of the curves. Edit Curves > Reverse Curve Direction. Or reverse one of the surfaces, when lofting between isoparms. Edit NURBS > Reverse Surface Direction. In some occasions this won't solve the problem. Try rotating the curve (flip it upside down).

  • Twisted surface

Twisted loft.jpg

When your loft is 'twisted' like in the image above, one of your objects or curves is probably rotated.

Solution: rotate one of both objects around the proper axis to untwist your loft.

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