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This tutorial describes how you can get (black and white) images from Photoshop into in Maya as curves. This can be great as a tracing option or as a base for your modeling.


  • Get a black and white image. You could use the Image > Adjustments > Levels tools to make your grayscale image into black and white.

Photoshop bwimage base.jpg

  • Select the entire image and copy it.
  • Go to the channels tab (found in the panel with your layers) and create a new (Alpha) Channel.
  • Paste your image into the Alpha Channel

Photoshop alpha.jpg

  • Convert this to a selection, using Select > Load Selection

Photoshop loadselection.jpg

  • Go to the Paths tab (in the same tab as your layers and channels). Klik the options fold-out button (round button with triangle) and choose Make Work Path

Photoshop make work path.jpg

  • Set the tolerance to 1 pixel

Photoshop make work path tolerance.jpg

  • You can export this Work Path to an Adobe illustrator File, using File > Export > Paths to Illustrator

Photoshop export path to illustrator.jpg


  • This Illustrator file can be imported into Maya (File > Import)

Maya import illustrator paths.jpg

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