Preparation 3D printing Rhinoceros

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This page shows a brief example of steps to create a printable file using Rhinoceros

Building a clean model in Rhinoceros

In this example a model is created in Rhino using a .dwg base. When opened in rhino, the closed curve can be extruded and capped in order to create a closed polysurface.

Building a model in Rhinoceros

When a model is created by drawing seperate faces, be sure to close all gaps in the model. When the model is done, all the faces can be joined together to create a closed polysurface.

Joining surfaces in Rhinoceros

When a Closed polysurface is created in Rhino, a Mesh can be made from the NURBS surface; ga to Mesh and choose From NURBS Object to create a Mesh from objects. An option will be given when generating Mesh from NURBS, to choose the number of polygons in the Mesh. A lower number of polygons will be easier to slice in the software later on, but will reduce the definition of the object.

Creating a Mesh from NURBS objects in Rhinoceros
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