Rendering Mental Ray: Common Render Settings

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Activate the raytrace option to use raytrace shadows, reflection and refraction.

Maximum amount a ray can be reflected.
Maximum amount a ray can be refracted. If the value is to low, black spots can appear.
Max Trace Depth
Maximum amount a ray can be reflected and refracted. The total amount is similar to the combined value of the previous two settings or can be lower.
Shadow Trace Depth
Maximum amount a shadow ray can be cast for shadow calculations. This is especially important if shadows have to be visible in a reflective object.

The amount of reflections and refractions has a strong impact on the time to render an image Especially objects with a lot of overlapping transparent materials can be memory intensive to render.

Reflections 5 Refractions 5 Max Trace Depth 10 Shadow Trace Depth 4



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