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There is another way to connect two lines together. This is the align curves option. This option will give you more control on how the curves are attached. The way a curve is attached is defined by the continuity of the curvature of the connecting points of both of the lines.

  • If there has to be no change in curvature of the connecting points the option connect can be used , also called a C0 connection.The position option causes the two points to meet exactly.
  • Tangent causes the tangency at the two points to match, which is called C1.
  • Curvature causes the two points to meet with the same arch in curvature. When this option is selected, the curvature scale sliders are available. These can be interactively adjusted in the Attribute Editor and the Channel Box.

ARX016 ws1 1.jpg

Using options for generating continuity of the geometry is crucial if the geometry has to have a fluid continuity of form. Geometry based on curves will be affected by the continuity of the curves themselves. With the option of interactively altering the connection settings the geometry can be adjusted to alter the geometries continuity.

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