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To connect different lines with similar or different degrees, the EDIT CURVES ( adjust curve) - attach curves command can be used. This will connect or blend the end of one curve to the beginning of the other curve. The Option Box contains the setting how to connect the line, if it should blend them together or connect them retaining their original shape. The begin and end of a curve is defined by the drawing order. If a connected curve loops around and connects to de wrong end of the line, the end point of that line is not correct due to the drawing order. If the EDIT CURVES - reverse curve direction command is used the direction of the line will be altered which means that the end point becomes start point and vise versa. The curve will now attach correctly.


The difference between blend and connect is that the blend option will make a smooth transition between both curve ends, whilst the connect option just makes a straight connection.

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More advanced options and problem solving of the attach curves command

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