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Photo texturing of a virtual façade

To create an accurate 3D location of an existing terrain, one can use photographs as a basis for the texturing of the facades. It is a technique used in VR projects but also can be used for rendering stills. The advantage of an accurate location file is that the context in which the design is placed more accurate is defined.

Facade photo.jpg

The basis of the accurate modelling of the location is:

  • a digital floorplan of the location.
  • indication of the height of the existing buildings.
  • photographs of the facades of the existing buildings.
  • Photographs of street furniture and the surface materials of the street, square and grass.

A digital floorplan of the location can often be acquired from the municipality of the targeted location The indication of the hight of the existing buildings is based on the amount of floors

The photographs of the façades have to be made with a high resolution camera. The photographs preferably have to have a minimal resolution of 3200-2800. The photographs have to be made in such a way that they have a minimum of perspective distortion. A shot from 50 meter distance perpendicular to the facade is the most optimal solution. If the photograph has to be taken more closely to the facade the perspective distortion will increase. In some cases this can't be avoided. The resulting image will take more time to get rid of perspective distortion. This however not impossible.

Facade photo1.jpg

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