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Maya has different options for displaying the objects. When you start Maya will show objects as green lines (when selected) and blue lines, when not selected, the so called wireframe mode. You can also get to this mode pressing 4 on your keyboard. If you want to see shaded objects you press 5. (See below)

Interface displayoptions.jpg

Other display options you can get by pressing 6 and 7. 6 will show you textures and 7 will show the light setup and possible shadows.

If you press 8 the Paint Effects panel will become active. By pressing 8 again you will go back to the normal view. You can go back to a 'normal' tool by selecting the Select, Move or any other tool from the Tool Box.
If you press 2 or 3 when one or more polygon objects are selected, Maya will change the display for these objects to smooth display. Press 1 to go back to the default display.
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