Materializing Using Shaders

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to materialize a model by using shaders to color your model. We'll create these shaders by using the Hypershade menu. Open it through Window > Rendering Editors > Hypershade.

Open hypershade.jpg

Now we see the hypershade menu. Where we'll open the materialbox. In the hypershade menu you encounter three standard materials. These are Maya's standardmaterials which it assigns to all geometry that is created, so it's very important that you don't change anything about them.

Open hypershade1.jpg

To create a new material to assign to your model we'll go to create->materials->lambert. Now a extra material appears in the box, called Lambert2. Lambert is a flatshaded material, this will be the only material we'll be using in this tutorial.

Open hypershade2.jpg

To change the properties of Lambert2 dubble click on the material and the attribute editor will open.

Atribute editor.jpg

Here we can change the name of the material and the color in this case we'll call it Stone. When you click on the color box the color chooser will open. Here you can pick a color to put onto your lambert. If you are sadisfied with the chosen color, you click accept.


Now to assign the material to the geometry we'll move the hypershade menu to the side so we can also see the model. Then select the geometry which will get this material. Then in the hypershade menu to the stone material and press your right mouse button and select assign material to selection.

Assign color.jpg

We will repeat this also for the other materials in your model exept for the glass part. When that is done we'll make a new blinn to create the windows. We'll do this by choosing a blue-isch color and changing the transparantsy.


Now again we'll assign the material to the geometry as we did before. And we'll get the final result as is shown below.


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