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Introduction to modeling

Maybe the most important step of the modeling of 3d geometry in Maya is to think through how you are going to deal with it. Don't just start modeling, but first decide what you want to do with the model an how you want it to look. If you do this first you can save yourself a lot of work and time. The level of detail you have to work in strongly depends on the way of texturing, the viewpoint of the camera and the way of rendering, so think about these things too. Also mind that the modeling is not the only important aspect; texturing, lighting and rendering are just as important for a nice result. If there's something you want to know about an aspect of the modeling that is not discussed in this pedia, you can also look in the Maya help.

Geometry types

Geometry types cover:

Modeling with polygons

Modeling with polygons covers:

Modeling with nurbs

Modeling with nurbs covers:

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