Using Enscape with Rhino

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A quick tool you can use to generate a 3D VR environment is the Enscape plugin for Rhino. Enscape is a paid plugin for Rhino, computers in the VR-lab have the software pre-installed.

Setting-up Enscape with VR

Step 1: Connect your VR system to your computer (see Setting up VR with Steam).

Step 2: In Rhino go to the ‘Enscape’ tab and click on the VR headset button (Enable/Disable your VR headset). Now you can generate your VR environment by clicking on the ‘Start Enscape in separate window’ button (shield button) in the same tab. Now you will see the generated environment on your screen. Additionally, you will see the steam VR tab turning green, meaning it is connected.

Step 3: Now you are able to use the headset ‘’walk’’ through your generated environment. If you want to create a more realistic environment with e.g. trees and other streetprops go to step 0.

Adding props with Enscape

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